Care & Maintenance

Thank you for choosing Gunlocke.

Our master craftsmen have created, with the utmost care and attention to detail, your beautiful wood furniture.

Be assured that with minimal care, your furniture will be a source of pride, providing you with years and years of useful service.

With the purchase of your Gunlocke product, you are helping to keep long-lasting, timeless furniture in an office and not a landfill.

The ClearTech® process is environmentally friendly; producing just two-thirds of the VOC (volatile organic compounds) emitted by conventional finishing processes.


cleartech ®

Gunlocke offers ClearTech®, the next generation wood finish with the depth, clarity, and durability never before available.

The ClearTech® finishing process provides Gunlocke customers with quality wood furniture that is easy to maintain and unmatched in resistance to everyday wear and tear.

It provides unparalleled endurance to chemicals (such as liquid paper or polish remover), stains (such as permanent markers) and is heat and moisture resistant.

Cleaning ClearTech® surface:

  1. Dust with damp cloth
  2. Remove fingerprints or soiling with mild a solution; 3 parts water to 1 part mild dish detergent
  3. Apply solution with a spray bottle, wipe clean and dry with a soft cloth (do not use furniture polish containing oil, wax or silicone, which can produce an oily film or haze.

General Care & Maintenance

To care for your new furniture, make sure it is dusted regularly with an occasional thorough cleaning. All spills should be wiped up immediately and not allowed to dry.

For general maintenance, wipe surface in the direction of the grain with a clean, water-dampened soft cloth.

All frosted glass should be cleaned with a soft, lint-free cloth and non-ammonia based cleaner only.

Read about our 12-year Gunlocke warranty