Product Sustainability

Gunlocke builds its products to last.  A 12-year warranty is standard on all products.  Gunlocke’s Design for the Environment (DfE) procedure guides the design of new products in a holistic way that considers the environmental impacts upfront in the process.  Factors considered include material selection (encouraging recycled content and renewable materials), minimal packaging, ease of disassembly and fate at the product’s end of useful life. 


Gunlocke provides Product Environmental Data Sheets for each product line. These environmental data sheets contain the environmental profile of the product as well as the key material data, product contributions to LEED and WELL projects and a summary of the product’s certification.

Download Product Environmental Datasheets

Some specific examples of Gunlocke’s sustainable product options are highlighted below.


  • It is Gunlocke’s policy to avoid using wood from forest areas where traditional or civil rights are violated; forest areas where high conservation values are threatened by management activities; wood from forests in which genetically modified trees are planted; wood that has been harvested illegally or wood harvested from areas which have been converted from natural forest to plantations or non-forest uses.
  • Gunlocke offers FSC® certified casegoods (Lic. FSC-C014704), conferencing and seating products.



  • Gunlocke has invested in technologically advanced equipment to reduce the amount of packaging required for shipping our products. Through the use of our corrugated and stretch wrapping equipment, we have reduced our typical packaging waste by 40%. The cardboard used for packaging contains 30% post-consumer recycled content and is also 100% recyclable. The stretch wrap we use is also 100% recyclable.   The corrugated packaging, we use is not bleached and does not contain PVC or polystyrene.  In addition, we utilize bulk packaging on flat components such as work surfaces which further reduces the amount of packaging that ends up at the project site.



  • Our casegoods, conferencing and some seating products have high percent by weight recycled contents.  A few examples of casegoods and tables based on a typical configurations include: Credentials – 41%; Silea (mixed materials) – 43%; Trio (mixed materials) – 44%; Medley – 42%; Converge – 42%.   A few examples of seating products include: Molti GK9901 – 13.9%; Attract GK2607(M) – 27.35%; Ciji GK1111-1 (with 100% recycled upholstery fabric) – 8.9%.



  • Stratawood veneer used on the Silea product line is manufactured from a rapidly renewable plantation Poplar.   The average percent by weight contribution for this material is 3% if Stratawood veneer is selected.
  • The Savor™ chair back is made from Mycoboard™ material. Instead of plastic, which is made from oil, this seat back is grown using mushroom material technology. It starts with agricultural waste, like corn stalks, which are “glued” together with mycelium. Mycelium is analogous to the roots of mushrooms, and it acts as a natural self-assembling resin. This grows and is compressed to form Mycoboard™. It’s natural, biobased, and compostable. Mycoboard™ is 99% biobased, and has been certified under the USDA’s bio-preferred program. The average percent by weight contribution for this material is 9% of each Savor™ chair.



  • Our no-added-urea-formaldehyde adhesive systems, along with the application of our low emitting finishes allow Gunlocke to provide LEED Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ Credit) and BIFMA Furniture Emission Standard M7.1-2011 compliant casegoods, conferencing and seating products.   These products have undergone third party emissions testing to verify compliance to LEED requirements.  Gunlocke utilized SCS Global (SCS) as our third-party certification body.



  • Gunlocke designs products to be durable and long-lasting, which drastically decreases the environmental and social impacts of raw materials extraction and energy use to produce new products. At the end of a product’s useful life, Gunlocke wants to see component materials recycled locally (to reduce the carbon footprint of shipping) and kept out of landfills. This approach will vary from region to region, based on local recycling capacities. Gunlocke has created an end-of-life referral program for our customers, using ANEW. ANEW is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that can provide a sustainable disposition solution for surplus contract office furniture. By using ANEW, our clients can extend their furniture’s useful life through repurposing, help local and national charitable organizations through donation, divert most materials from the landfill through recycling, and receive a tax deduction in the process.




  • All of Gunlocke’s products are proudly manufactured in Wayland, New York 14572 USA.  In addition, the particle board, many hardwoods and veneer materials are extracted within 500 miles of our factory and are considered regional materials.   The percent regional manufacture is indicated on each product series environmental data sheet.



Gunlocke offers a wide array of fabrics with sustainable attributes, including:

  • Up to 100% post-consumer recycled content
  • Treatment-free (No flame retardants, stain repellants, or antimicrobials)
  • Vinyl-free
  • 100% Eco-Intelligent® polyester
  • Fabrics made from, or including rapidly renewable materials like cork, wool, cotton, or linen