Greenberg Traurig Customer Case Study

It’s a really pioneering approach.
It’s all Gunlocke, but it isn’t just one product line.
It’s a creative solution developed to
best suit the customer’s needs

Details shine with Silea Casegoods, Medley edge banding, Credentials integrated pencil trough, and Lily guest chairs.

​Location: Washington, D.C.

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A Fresh Start

A Fresh Start

A firm-wide move to two vacant floors in their existing building didn’t mean that the partners at law firm Greenberg Traurig LLP would be taking their old office furniture with them. Those based in the firm’s office in McLean, Virginia, better known as Tysons Corner, would be starting fresh, working in an environment better built for how the legal sector does business today.

The firm sought to create a functional, yet warm and inviting, workplace in this build-out. In doing so, they had to work around the building’s unusual footprint. The diamond-shaped facility’s layout includes points, cutouts and columns, as well as an integral stairwell that takes up significant space. As a result, all 32 partner offices are smaller than in the previous location, and none are quite the same size or shape. Despite the differences, the firm still wanted to convey a sense of continuity from office to office. That’s where the furniture came into play.

“The building’s design challenged us in terms of efficiency, and we decided that freestanding desks were not the answer in today’s smaller office footprint," Carames said. “We realized we wanted a cohesive casegoods solution in which we could use the wall as a way to accommodate furniture efficiently as best as we could.”

What’s more, the team wanted everyone’s space to have a similar furniture layout and aesthetic—one that would appeal to a wide range of partner personalities and tastes, from enduring and classic to something a little more modern.

“We have a multi-generational workforce with different design preferences,” explained Christine Schaut, Greenberg Traurig’s Washington, D.C. business director. “We had requests for quality wood, ergonomics and clean lines. We also wanted to address how lawyers today work—and bring in more accommodations for technology—so we looked around to see how we could incorporate this diverse wish list into a flexible furniture solution.”

Schaut says they initially looked at various manufacturers’ mockups and then toured multiple office facilities—ranging from other law firms to healthcare settings to educational buildings to traditional corporate offices—to view actual installations in a search for inspiration or the perfect solution.

“We saw many things we liked. We also saw things we knew we didn’t want to do,” she said. “One size would not fit all. We needed a little bit of flexibility and individualism. For example, some of our practice areas are paper-intensive. Others are not. The paper people wanted file drawers. Others wanted a clean design with more technology options. We needed the right balance of something that could please everyone.”

Enter Gunlocke and its local dealer, CHL Business Interiors Inc. in Washington, DC, of which the law firm has been a long-time client. The manufacturer and its trusted dealer partner listened to what Greenberg Traurig wanted to accomplish, took the firm’s budget requirements under consideration and set out to create a custom solution using the best features of three Gunlocke lines – SileaTM, CredentialsTM and MedleyTM.

Carames said, during the process, he and his team met with Gunlocke President Don Mead and even toured a Cleveland law firm that also recently installed a casegoods line that caught Carames’ and Schaut’s attention—Silea. “It is an efficient casegoods concept,” he said. “And, it offers the quality that our partners would appreciate.”

The firm loved the combination of Silea’s wood aesthetic and functional flexibility. However, they also appreciated the durable, thicker, ½-inch solid wood edge bands of the Medley line. Ultimately, the Silea desk and casegoods were made from a stratawood veneer that coordinated with the Medley edge band. An integrated pencil trough on the work-surface pulled from Gunlocke’s latest casegoods collection, Credentials, rounded out this “hybrid” design solution.

“It’s a really pioneering approach,” said Frank Licari, executive vice president at CHL Business Interiors. “It’s all Gunlocke, but it isn’t just one product line. It’s a creative solution developed to best suit the customer’s needs.”

“The ability to replicate an authentic standard throughout a location, across all locations, from single offices to double ones, is a right approach," Carames said. “It all works and flows, with great quality and the best of the various lines at the right price point. The flexibility between Gunlocke lines supported these pricing point efforts.”



Increasingly, law firms are tightening up space, reducing overall private office square footage and making better use of public spaces. Many have also incorporated more technology and fewer old-school storage areas in new and renovated office space, seeking a workplace that is more efficient and functional overall. But, despite all these moves toward efficiency, most still want a workplace that looks inviting to clients and prospects. Greenberg Traurig is no exception.



The firm’s leadership offered options to this standard design to its shareholders. These options ranged from sliding glass doors on overhead storage, to a back-paintedglass tack board, to open shelving or closed shelving and coordinating bookcases for those lawyers who wanted one. Partners also could select a height-adjustable, pushbutton desktop option to add extra ergonomic flexibility to their workspaces. The firm completed each office with refined Lily wood guest seating, one of Gunlocke’s newest offerings in this category.