Gunlocke’s culture of rapid continuous improvement (RCI) was introduced as Kaizen in the early 1990’s.  RCI drives us to find the most efficient ways to use materials and energy in production and to recycle what cannot be used.   Members (employees) are empowered to constantly seek ways to improve our methods and drive out waste.

Our Manufacture for the Environment (MFE) procedure is a commitment to manufacture products in a sustainable manner. The procedure established the methods we employ to monitor and reduce the environmental impacts associated with facilities and manufacturing operations.  Some of the items considered include: reducing facility energy usage, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, increasing renewable energy use, efficient use of materials, solid waste minimization, hazardous waste minimization, reducing air emissions, reducing process water and chemical management (identifying and reducing human and ecosystem impacts). 

Based on our manufacturing for the environment procedures and our RCI manufacturing culture:

  • In a typical private office configuration, 68.4% of raw material are used in the final product with 31.6% left as waste. Out of the total wasted produced, 95% is scrap wood waste or saw dust which is diverted from landfills.  This renewable bio-mass material is used to generate steam for manufacturing processes.  The remaining 5% is recycled or re-used wherever feasible. 
  • Each year, Gunlocke is able to divert more than 500,000 lbs of materials from landfills through our recycling efforts.  The materials recycled include corrugated cardboard, metal, paper, copper wire and plastic.
  • Fifty percent of our total energy consumption is generated from the burning of scrap wood materials.  By burning scrap wood materials, we are able to shrink the environmental footprint left by our manufacturing process by dramatically reducing the amount of waste that has to be sent to a landfill.
  • Gunlocke has been awarded a portion of the Recharge New York block of electric power. The Recharge NY program allows Gunlocke to buy hydroelectric power for over 25% of our overall electric consumption through 2019.
  • Thirty-three percent reduction in hazardous waste from baseline average.
  • Forty percent reduction in air emission from baseline average.