PLD- Pimental, Light, Duffy
John Duffy

  John Duffy is a gifted product designer who began his
career in the furniture industry on the shop floor of a custom
millwork house in Los Angeles, California. Working his way
up from the shop floors, Duffy moved on to working in
hospitality design for many years, most notably at Hirsch
Bedner in Santa Monica. From there he became the Design
Director for Corporate and Financial Interiors for LA Design
Studio in Los Angeles.

  In 1973, Duffy received an Honors Product and Environ-
mental Design degree from the Art Center College of Design.
  In the early 90’s Duffy formed a limited partnership, “PLD” – Pimental Light, Duffy and was finally able to focus full time on contract furniture design. At PLD, Duffy designed furniture for companies including Steelcase, Haworth, OFS and Gunlocke.

  Duffy is known for his sustainable designs and believes that any design must have a quiet elegance with simplicity of purpose. He is able to create products that have market acceptance while also making an emotional connection. He strives to create well designed products while keeping them affordable.

  One thing that separates Duffy is his ability to see the enduring social benefit of his work. One of his favorite things about creating new designs is their ability to provide sustenance for job creation and the preservation of traditional craft, skills and trades. He believes that successful products benefit not only the company and designer, but they also spread their prosperity among all of those involved in the process.